Friday, 13 July 2007

I love the smell of Nesbitt in the morning

Local actor James Nesbitt recently appeared on BBC television programme Something For The Weekend. This programme is great, i never watch cookery stuff but Something For The Weekend is a wonderful magazine show and is definately better than Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs!

Nesbitt was discussing his youth spend in a loyalist marching band and the new BBC show Jekyll while cooking Asian food from Vietnam.

During the conversation James was asked if he'd ever been to Vietnam, he replied no, but he had been to Larne and it was much the same!

This immediately sparked local outrage including local DUP MP Sammy Wilson who sold BBC Radio Ulster "He is one of many people who leave Northern Ireland, make good and then find that the only thing they can do is denigrate the country they came from."

Nesbitt answered the radio show by Text from LA stating that it was a joke.

Can people not lighten up a bit? Comments like this are only meant as jokes, they aren't meant to cause hurt or denigrate the town. Did John Betjeman receive the same treatment from the people of Slough after his poem?

Perhaps Mr Wilson and the residents should consider why these comments were made, I mean, have you ever tried to get a drink in the town?

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