Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Housing Stock Shock!

Prime Minister Brown is breaking with tradition by telling MPs his plans months ahead of the Queens speech. And guess what, education, health and housing are at the top of his "to do" list, have we heard this before, maybe around about the time the Spice Girls were first damaging our ear drums ?

One of Brown's top policies will be to make homes "more affordable", however this has brought stern critics from the Conservatives running for the hills with the fear that the green belt will again be eroded with new homes being built further and further away from town centres.

Brown stated that we should go back to building levels seen in the 1950s, houses that are now being knocked down.

I love exploring old buildings when I travel, there is a huge number of homes, shops and attractions built 400 or more years ago which have stood the test of time right into the 2000s. Why are buildings less than 50 years old being knocked down and replaced.

Sustainability is to encourage building builders and developers to build homes which will still be used far into the future. Homes where in 200 years the original features will be marvelled at on BBC Two.

We must at all costs protect the little bit of green space left in the UK, I flew over England at night not so long ago and found that London now starts on Merseyside!

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