Tuesday, 10 July 2007

7/7 Lucky for some?

I was a little bit shocked at the weekend when an American in-law told me Saturday was the luckiest day in the year. I honestly hadn't thought that the second anniversary of the London terrorist attacks could be deamed in anyway lucky.

It seems maybe i'm wrong, not only did Londonderry man Denis Doherty scoop £1.6m from the National Lottery ('Crying child scooped me £1.6m' - BBC NEWS ONLINE but I won £10 on my thunderball ticket !!!!

It just got me thinking about how relaxed we are in the UK about things like this. If i'd gone to the average American and opened a champagne bottle on September 11 this year i'd probably get a punch in the face, but us Brits have a little bit of a stiff upper lip and maybe just a bit of the old "don't let the Bastards grind us down" mentality.

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