Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Devil "in" the great blue sea

I was away at the weekend for the second Ribraid of 2007. This weekend long event attracts RIB boat owners of all abilities to cruise to Scotland and Back from Co Down.

After a pleasant afternoon in Portpatrick we returned on a luxury cruiser, however the Irish sea wasn't about to treat us to a luxurious journey home. The winds blew up and we spent a few hours travelling back to Bangor in very rough weather. Although forcasted, this weather quickly appeared from nowhere.

It really brought home the message of how dangerous the sea is and how we must always take safety precautions. The message was really hit home when a power boat travelling from Portpatrick to Co Down on the same evening had to call the RNLI after they got lost. The coastguard's message, understandably is how important it is that every boat on the sea carries the correct navigation and communication equipment.

BBC NEWS - Coastguard warns on sea equipment

Full information and photo gallery at www.ribraid.com

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