Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Sleeping Policemen

Yet again the Road Service of Northern Ireland about a decade behind the rest of the UK, much like every other agency over here.

In East Belfast, Bangor and Newtownards the number of speed bumps is unbelievable with some roads designated as residential Rat-Runs loaded with humps, even in areas where it is physically impossible for motorists to go over 10mph (junctions, etc).

All taxi drivers in these areas complain that their vehicle suspension gets damaged quickly no matter how slow they go (you try driving a car full of people over bumps all night), people with medical complaints find speed humps distressing and Ambulance drivers find that it takes much longer to get to life threatening situations. I drive a motorcycle with very hard suspension and find these bumps awful, no matter how slow I go. Where I live means that I have to drive over an average of 20 humps a day to go about my normal business.

Councils all across England and Wales are re-thinking the idea of speed bumps (Council to scrap speed humps - BBC NEWS ONLINE) so why the hell are the Road Service in this country planting more and more of these damn things?

It won't save lives! It will frustrate the already heavily taxed motorist!

Ok, my solution if you want to reduce speeding, more speed cameras in residential areas, this way the speeders are punished, not everyone!

Friday, 25 May 2007

Who's 'at?

Has anyone noticed the telephone manner of people, especially in Northern Ireland these days is unbelievable?

Perhaps some sort of telephone etiquette classes are called for or maybe we should go back to the old days of answering by saying your phone number, alas gone are the days of three digit exchanges !

Monday, 21 May 2007

Sharks in Irish Sea

Last weekend saw first International Ribraid of 2007, this is an event which attracts powerboaters from all over Europe and with all abilities to cruise safely with other boaters.

A RIB or Rigid Inflatable Boat is a powerboat with large rubber tubes at the sides to allow for quick cornering and stability. RIBs are used throughout the world by military and law inforcement agencies, but are fastly becoming a very popular sport and pleasure boat as well. Some RIBs can travel over 70 Knots and carry 12 or more people.

Yesterday I travelled with the Ribraid to the Isle of Man and back. It was a bit of a rough trip but worth every second, especially after our encounter with Basking Sharks just off the Coast of the Isle of Man.

I've included a picture of these wonderful, huge and gentle creatures, taken yesterday.


Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Len at podcast recording

He's now called Ulster's voice of reason!

Len broadcasts weekly on the Northern Ireland Podcast along with Andy Kane

Virtual Student

A new "virtual" degree course has been launched by Essex University when students can attend virtual lectures without ever leaving home.

This is tying in with government plans to widen the access to university education throughout the UK, however I can't help thinking of something we are going to be talking about on this weeks Podcast.

The Universal Life Church allows any online punter to become a Priest, Minister, Rabbi or Pastor, all from the luxury of their living room.

We can attain just about every title or accolade now online in next to no time, i'm not saying that something like the Universal Life Church is going to affect religion to any great end but Virtual Degrees may allow extra attempts at cheating and will lower the status of people to attained their degrees the old fashioned way. Hmmmm, or is that what they said when the Open University came along ?

Monday, 7 May 2007

Mexico City Bares all for record photo

A staggering 18,000 naked mexicans lay down on the ground in the City's main plaza (Plaza of the Constitution) yesterday to be photographed by artist Spencer Tunick.

Tunick has shot many similar photographs around the world featuring mass nudity, he said, "What a great moment for the Mexican art scene". His previous record attempts include 7,000 nudes in Barcelona in 2003.

Local resident Lorena Torres, 24, said "This is an expression of pride, People want to be part of the modern art world."

Tunick has previously been arrested for staging similar events in the US.

Is this art ?? No, and at 7:20am it's far too early for that sort of behaviour !!

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Bobby Pickett Dies aged 69

Bobby "Boris" Pickett passed away at the end of last month of leukemia. Bobby's one hit wonder song the "Monster Mash" originally recorded in 1962 reached number 1 on the US Billboard charts three times and is a Hallowe'en favourite to this day.

Pickett's celebrity fans include Bob Dylan who said during his radio show last October "Our next artist is considered a one-hit wonder, but his one hit comes back year after year,".

Friday, 4 May 2007

Lost in Transmission

During Children in Need last year an Auction "that money can't buy" took place. The auction raised a huge amount of money for good causes with lots such as Connoisseur Cooking lessons with Raymond Blanc, Ultimate Combat of a RAF flight simulator and VIP tickets to a Cliff Richard Concert.

One of the key prizes was the Pudsey Voyage on the Queen Mary 2. The lucky winners donated £35,000 and have this week been enjoying their cruise in the company of Canon Roger Royle and BBC Radio 2 daytime presenter Ken Bruce.

Highlight of the cruise for listeners was the chance to hear Ken broadcast live from the luxury cruise ship as they sailed across the Atlantic. Thanks to amazing modern technology Mr Bruce is able to broadcast on board the ship, sending a satellite signal bouncing all the way to South America, then all the way to Sweden and over to the studio's in London. Music is still played from the studio in the UK to preserve quality.

Unfortunately it seemed like a great idea (although possibly a little bit of a waste of Licence payers money, but lets not mention that) however the signal has broken up numerous times during transmission. The works occasion saw the News Reader back in London having to ask finish off the Popmaster quiz.

Next time Ken, leave the Microphone at home, spoiling Popmaster is unforgivable !!

Bruce on board ship.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

In Norn Iron its called "Feel Scundered!!!!!"

This is the funniest thing i've seen on daytime television for ages. Ricky Gervais is interviewed on the Richard and Judy show. Fast forward to about 3 minutes and watch the fun. A camera man has been making signs behind Richard's back all series, he thinks Richard hasn't seen but he has and Ricky breaks it all on air!

Watch the guy try not to cry!!! Priceless!