Thursday, 19 July 2007

Call the Pop Master

Every weekday on Radio Two, Ken Bruce presents a wonderful little quiz called Pop Master. A terribly British concept as the prizes are always a bit rubbish (a CD wallet or wind up radio) but it isn't the winning but the taking part!

In the afternoon it's Steve Wright's turn to run the Big Quiz, however this week Mark Radcliffe stands in for Steve and replaces the contest with "Mark My Words" again a competition where really its the taking part and not the winning that matters.

All competitions have been suspended by the BBC after a fresh inquiry produced another batch of faked phone-ins were found including BBC Sports Relief, Comic Relief, Children in Need and the Liz Kershaw show on BBC 6 Music.

BBC's official line is there is "No Excuse" for faking these items and it is a fair enough point but where am I going to get some pop trivia at 10.30am anymore?

The BBC really have to stop beating themselves up about this and get on with what they do best, producing the worlds best television, radio and internet news, comedy and documentaries.

While I would never tolerate these kind of phone in abuses I know it does go on, and from when presenting a live programme it can be very tempting to fake something like this.

Cards on the table, some time ago after no-one phoned in to receive a goody bag on Ulster Hospital Radio we got a presenter to call in from his mobile phone and answer the question. It wasn't honest but it did keep the dynamic of the programme working correctly. OH, it feels good to finally admit it, maybe i'll a full nights sleep at last!!!!

BBC suspends phone competitions - BBC ONLINE

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