Friday, 27 April 2007

Its Official - Ferraris sound better than Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol's latest hit "Open your Eyes" features a film made by Claude Lelouch called C'etait un Rendezvous.

Lelouch, a film maker found that after filming in Paris he had some previous film left over. He strapped a film camera to the front of his Ferrari 275 and drove through the very early morning streets of Paris at break neck speeds.

The effect is amazing and Claude's Ferrari in my opinion definately sounds better than Snow Patrol!!!

Thursday, 26 April 2007

A rare glimpse of tranquility!

This photo was taken during a visit to the Copeland islands. Rarely can such quiet, still peace be experienced. A wonderful time capsule land.

OFT examines bank charges

A study by the Office of Fair Trading is to look into the charges that banks impose on their customers.

New measures could be introduced to stop banks charging high fees for unauthorised overdrafts or "bounced" cheques. Banks warn that a curb on charging fees for these offences could herald the end of free banking accounts and see the re-introduction of current account charges.

I, like many, many people have never bounced a cheque, missed a direct debit, taken an unauthorised overdraft or committed any of these banking "sins". Why should I and people like me be charged for the bad practices of others? Lets keep charges the way they are, if a ever break a rule i'll expect to pay for it!

Indian arrest warrant for Gere

BBC News online reports today that "An Indian court has issued an arrest warrant for Hollywood actor Richard Gere after he kissed Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty in public. "

Gere shocked and outraged many people by Kissing the Bollywood star many times during an Aids awareness event in Delhi earlier this month.

Richard Gere is the latest celeb after Jade Goodie to have effigies of himself burnt by protestors in Mumbai. He could face up to three months in prison as well as a fine.

Personally I hope they throw the book at him, too many westerners ignore local customs and traditions that many people hold dear. Our world would be a much better place if people respected cultural differences.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Myspace Addiction

For years i've been wondering what the hell this myspace thing is all about. I setup an account last week and i've been addicted ever since. My profile is Bingostar, Please feel free to join as a friend and send me annoying comments.

This is exactly what I was taking about last week with Web 2.0. It allows regular punters to communication with not only their friends but also their heroes!

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Web 2.0

The buzz phrase at the moment is User Based Content and the internet is just filling up with sites like Wikipedia, blogs, myspace, bebo, etc, etc, etc. This new internet revolution allows ordinary people being given the chance to have their own say.

The most important invention to mankind is disputiably the printing press, enabling a message to be spread through a community, the internet had the same sort of ethos but on a global scale.

Web 2.0 - User Based Content does give us an awful lot of crap but this is many even more amazing that the printing press or the internet combined. No completely ordinary people with no web design experience can take have an hour in an internet cafe, edit their blog or setup a MySpace account and instantly get their message to a HUGE global audience.

Is this the stuff of revolutions ??

Oh and if a podcast and blog isn't enough we've gone on Myspace now too, i'm sure this'll be worth a mention on next week's podcast.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Brian Ferry Nazi Gaffe

The fact that I'm posting this on Hitler's Birthday is purely a coincidence I can assure you.

Brian Ferry has ben blasted in the press this week following comments made in German Magazine Welt about the aesthetics of the Nazi machine, oh and his nickname for his studio, "the F├╝hrerbunker".

Ferry’s comments were :

My God, the Nazis knew how to put themselves in the limelight... Leni Riefenstahl's movies, Albert Speer's buildings, the mass parades and the flags - just amazing. Really beautiful .

While I feel Brian’s comments were misjudged I really can’t see similar comments made by more esoteric celebrities like Russell Brand having quite such a shock factor. Give Brian a break!

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Not thought it through, have they?

Latest Government plans are to "Tag" vulnerable and elderly people and allow satellites to monitor the behaviour of Dementia and Alzheimer sufferers.

Is this just another example of the Government announcing the first thing thats come into their rather thick heads? It just has the feeling of a plan not thought through.

Ultimately I guess the plan is to Microchip everyone and follow them with cameras creating a mixture of Channel 4 and George Orwell's versions of "Big Brother"!!!

Monday, 16 April 2007

A very small chopper!

Generation Gap can be bridged.... sometimes.

I just couldn't believe the most recent attempt of The Cumbria tourist board to try and attract younger visitors to one of the most beautiful areas of the UK using a rapping Squirrel.

"MC Nutts" uses a rap version of a 200 year old Wordsworth Poem to attempt to attract a younger group of visitors, classed by the tourist board as "The Youtube Generation". Needless to say it just looks and sounds awful. Check it out at

A really successful attempt to bridge the generation gap has been made by a group of Pensioners calling themselves "The Zimmers". These OAPs have covered The Who track "My Generation" with really brilliant results. The video was produced to highlight the plight of many elderly people in the UK who are forgotten by society.

THE ZIMMERS - My Generation

P.S. Who really wants "the youtube generation" cluttering up our nations beauty spots ????


Sunday, 15 April 2007

Call to raise drinking age to 21

Public Policy Research (PPR) today say that it's time to implement more severe drinking regulations in the UK, one measure it suggests is to raise the drinking age to 21. I believe, maybe i'm wrong, that the only two countries worldwide with a drinking age this high are USA and Malaysia.

Yet again the UK doggedly follow along behind America in introducing tighter policies that just make something more taboo and in the end more attractive to young people.

In recent years we've adopted so much rubbish from the US. For example

  • Popular Culture, "Gansta" Rap and Violent Youth Culture

  • Drugs

  • Aggressive foreign policy

  • etc, etc, etc

Is it time to start following our European neighbours?  Countries that still have drink, drug and violence problems but definately not on the scale of the UK, and with one golden rule RESPECT! Adopting a more social aspect to small amounts of Alcohol at special occasions and family meals might remove the many of the taboos that young people associate with drink.

BBC News | Health | Call to raise drinking age to 21

Saturday, 14 April 2007

The Grand National

Recently I was working in a field neighbouring a horse racing point to point event. Following weeks of rain and bad weather this event took place after the officials deamed the course good for racing.

Many horses fell and I had the extremely unfortunate experience of having to watch a beast shot because its injuries were so severe.

After that event I was very much turned off horse racing however today, like so many people in the UK and Ireland and across the world I placed a bet on one of horse racing biggest events "The Grand National". Needless to say I didn't win !

My point being, even though I fine horse racing a dangerous and cruel sport I still visited the bookies like all the other punters. Like some many others I was drawn along by the crowd. Maybe this is why we need elected members of parliment to take an open minded decision on crunch issues?!?!

I still feel that horse racing should be banned, but next year i'll still place my bet like everyone else. Sorry!

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Teachers vs

There is so much in the press at the present time, especially from the centre right about how organisations like, myspace, bebo, etc have to moderate their content to protect school teachers. One question. WHY ?

These types of forums were created with what I consider to be the greatest asset of the internet, freedom and just a little anarchy. Long before the commercial giants started using the web the internet was filled with quirky, obscure and just plain weird content.

If you don't like it, pull the plug or even better still, why not post a video response. Surely teachers aren't getting worried that they aren't as sarcastic as some their unruly charges? It is time teaching professionals realised that education is more than a job, its a vocation, it is never easy but maybe, if done right the rewards benefit all of society.

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