Saturday, 21 April 2007

Web 2.0

The buzz phrase at the moment is User Based Content and the internet is just filling up with sites like Wikipedia, blogs, myspace, bebo, etc, etc, etc. This new internet revolution allows ordinary people being given the chance to have their own say.

The most important invention to mankind is disputiably the printing press, enabling a message to be spread through a community, the internet had the same sort of ethos but on a global scale.

Web 2.0 - User Based Content does give us an awful lot of crap but this is many even more amazing that the printing press or the internet combined. No completely ordinary people with no web design experience can take have an hour in an internet cafe, edit their blog or setup a MySpace account and instantly get their message to a HUGE global audience.

Is this the stuff of revolutions ??

Oh and if a podcast and blog isn't enough we've gone on Myspace now too, i'm sure this'll be worth a mention on next week's podcast.

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