Saturday, 14 April 2007

The Grand National

Recently I was working in a field neighbouring a horse racing point to point event. Following weeks of rain and bad weather this event took place after the officials deamed the course good for racing.

Many horses fell and I had the extremely unfortunate experience of having to watch a beast shot because its injuries were so severe.

After that event I was very much turned off horse racing however today, like so many people in the UK and Ireland and across the world I placed a bet on one of horse racing biggest events "The Grand National". Needless to say I didn't win !

My point being, even though I fine horse racing a dangerous and cruel sport I still visited the bookies like all the other punters. Like some many others I was drawn along by the crowd. Maybe this is why we need elected members of parliment to take an open minded decision on crunch issues?!?!

I still feel that horse racing should be banned, but next year i'll still place my bet like everyone else. Sorry!

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