Sunday, 15 April 2007

Call to raise drinking age to 21

Public Policy Research (PPR) today say that it's time to implement more severe drinking regulations in the UK, one measure it suggests is to raise the drinking age to 21. I believe, maybe i'm wrong, that the only two countries worldwide with a drinking age this high are USA and Malaysia.

Yet again the UK doggedly follow along behind America in introducing tighter policies that just make something more taboo and in the end more attractive to young people.

In recent years we've adopted so much rubbish from the US. For example

  • Popular Culture, "Gansta" Rap and Violent Youth Culture

  • Drugs

  • Aggressive foreign policy

  • etc, etc, etc

Is it time to start following our European neighbours?  Countries that still have drink, drug and violence problems but definately not on the scale of the UK, and with one golden rule RESPECT! Adopting a more social aspect to small amounts of Alcohol at special occasions and family meals might remove the many of the taboos that young people associate with drink.

BBC News | Health | Call to raise drinking age to 21

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