Monday, 16 April 2007

Generation Gap can be bridged.... sometimes.

I just couldn't believe the most recent attempt of The Cumbria tourist board to try and attract younger visitors to one of the most beautiful areas of the UK using a rapping Squirrel.

"MC Nutts" uses a rap version of a 200 year old Wordsworth Poem to attempt to attract a younger group of visitors, classed by the tourist board as "The Youtube Generation". Needless to say it just looks and sounds awful. Check it out at

A really successful attempt to bridge the generation gap has been made by a group of Pensioners calling themselves "The Zimmers". These OAPs have covered The Who track "My Generation" with really brilliant results. The video was produced to highlight the plight of many elderly people in the UK who are forgotten by society.

THE ZIMMERS - My Generation

P.S. Who really wants "the youtube generation" cluttering up our nations beauty spots ????


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