Monday, 4 June 2007

"Authorized" to access all areas?

Frankie Dettori riding the 4-5 favourite Authorized finally won the Derby at the weekend. This is the first time since the 80s that a favourite has won the race and the first Derby win for Frankie.

BBC 1 television showed the race live on Saturday afternoon. After the race of course they interviewed the trainer and Frankie, then the camera followed Dettori backstage to the dressing room area.

Frankie was overcome with joy and while talking to fellow jockeys backstage he swore three times on live saturday afternoon television, the camera also panned the dressing room and caught another Jockey totally naked !

Frankie can in no way be blamed for his language, the BBC shouldn't have allowed these backstage events to go out live without any editing.

Everything these days on television has to be "Reality", the punters no longer want to just see a sporting event, they want it from every angle and to hear every opinion, this really doesn't enhance our viewing at all and the extra cameras, equipment and staff add to the licence fee.

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