Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Virtual Student

A new "virtual" degree course has been launched by Essex University when students can attend virtual lectures without ever leaving home.

This is tying in with government plans to widen the access to university education throughout the UK, however I can't help thinking of something we are going to be talking about on this weeks Podcast.

The Universal Life Church allows any online punter to become a Priest, Minister, Rabbi or Pastor, all from the luxury of their living room.

We can attain just about every title or accolade now online in next to no time, i'm not saying that something like the Universal Life Church is going to affect religion to any great end but Virtual Degrees may allow extra attempts at cheating and will lower the status of people to attained their degrees the old fashioned way. Hmmmm, or is that what they said when the Open University came along ?

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