Friday, 4 May 2007

Lost in Transmission

During Children in Need last year an Auction "that money can't buy" took place. The auction raised a huge amount of money for good causes with lots such as Connoisseur Cooking lessons with Raymond Blanc, Ultimate Combat of a RAF flight simulator and VIP tickets to a Cliff Richard Concert.

One of the key prizes was the Pudsey Voyage on the Queen Mary 2. The lucky winners donated £35,000 and have this week been enjoying their cruise in the company of Canon Roger Royle and BBC Radio 2 daytime presenter Ken Bruce.

Highlight of the cruise for listeners was the chance to hear Ken broadcast live from the luxury cruise ship as they sailed across the Atlantic. Thanks to amazing modern technology Mr Bruce is able to broadcast on board the ship, sending a satellite signal bouncing all the way to South America, then all the way to Sweden and over to the studio's in London. Music is still played from the studio in the UK to preserve quality.

Unfortunately it seemed like a great idea (although possibly a little bit of a waste of Licence payers money, but lets not mention that) however the signal has broken up numerous times during transmission. The works occasion saw the News Reader back in London having to ask finish off the Popmaster quiz.

Next time Ken, leave the Microphone at home, spoiling Popmaster is unforgivable !!

Bruce on board ship.

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