Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Sleeping Policemen

Yet again the Road Service of Northern Ireland about a decade behind the rest of the UK, much like every other agency over here.

In East Belfast, Bangor and Newtownards the number of speed bumps is unbelievable with some roads designated as residential Rat-Runs loaded with humps, even in areas where it is physically impossible for motorists to go over 10mph (junctions, etc).

All taxi drivers in these areas complain that their vehicle suspension gets damaged quickly no matter how slow they go (you try driving a car full of people over bumps all night), people with medical complaints find speed humps distressing and Ambulance drivers find that it takes much longer to get to life threatening situations. I drive a motorcycle with very hard suspension and find these bumps awful, no matter how slow I go. Where I live means that I have to drive over an average of 20 humps a day to go about my normal business.

Councils all across England and Wales are re-thinking the idea of speed bumps (Council to scrap speed humps - BBC NEWS ONLINE) so why the hell are the Road Service in this country planting more and more of these damn things?

It won't save lives! It will frustrate the already heavily taxed motorist!

Ok, my solution if you want to reduce speeding, more speed cameras in residential areas, this way the speeders are punished, not everyone!

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