Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Idiot Idol

I was watching Pop Idol at the weekend, definitely not something I make a habit of doing, but some of the auditions were Belfast. Simon Cowell announced during the recording that this was the worst batch of auditions that he’d ever seen, I can agree with him, the standard was TERRIBLE.

So many people with a HUGE opinion of their non-existent telents.

It got me thinking about people in Belfast and how high an opinion they actually have on themselves. People in this Northern Ireland ready do play to the local audience, they have no idea of how they are going to come across to people outside the country and most of them couldn’t care less. This sounds perhaps like an endearing quality but trust me it isn’t.

Belfast is full of pretentiousness these days, pretentious coffee shops, cafes, bars, hotels, shops, fashion fads, advertising houses, design agency’s and even the new modern architecture. Unfortunately our city has a terrible mixture of arrogance and stupidity, the arrogance to support pretentious, new fangled fads and the stupidity to hold them up like the emperors new clothes.

Get it sorted Belfast, we think we are wonderful but continue failing to deliver.

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CyberScribe said...

The X Factor also was on at the weekend with auditions from Belfast ;-)
A couple of Newtownards ( I think) guys featured.