Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Fighting nation

Today I read again another story of a "row" over planning, this time of a memorial to the 1998 Omagh bombing on BBC News online - Omagh Memorial in inscription row.

Has 30 years of bloody conflict and the following resolutions and peace movement not taught the people of Northern Ireland anything about solving arguements. Why the hell are we so terrible at planning ANYTHING in this country. We can't agree on the things like the Maze site, decommissioned police stations, and Giants Causeway visitors centre, which is a glorified gift shop and toilet block!

If this country wants to move on people MUST find a way to quickly and easily get over these agruements without it decending into a long drawn out legal or political debate.

Omagh Bomb Memorial Proposal - Constant Light

My personal option is not a very popular one. If we are going to move on to the future, we should drop plans for memorials to the past.

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