Saturday, 25 October 2008

Those who can't...

What the hell is going on in Movilla High School in Newtownards this past few weeks. Now two weeks, thats 10 days of education have been missed because of an alleged assault on a teacher from a pupil.

You'll probably expect me to be on the teachers side, but on this one, sorry guys, NO WAY. What the hell, if you get a job as a nightclub doorman you know you're gonna get the odd smack in the face, if you work in a bank or a shop you'll receive intimidation from customers and the chance of a robbery.

When people take on a job like teaching they HAVE to accept that occasionally when dealing with young people, some trouble will occur, they have to accept this as part of the job and work out their own ways of dealing with it in a constructive manner instead of running out the school gates and risking the future of the entire school.

Sack them, thats what i say!

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FALSE FLAG said...

Spot on Mr Kane !

Sack the lot of them. This is what you get with a load of Guardianistas running our education system. With this lot the UK has no hope of training the skilled workers we will need to compete with the likes of China !