Thursday, 27 December 2007

Tate "post"-Modern?

Christmas Television has finally hit an all-time low with the "wonderful" Catherine Tate christmas special. Not only did Ms Tate manage to role out a host of top guest like George Michael (remember him) and Wynette Slob AKA Kathy Burke.

Tate went on to present her terrible range of characters with added Christmas CHEESE including the Belfast family coming to terms with their son's sexuality. Tate assumes it humerous to show Northern Irish people giving each other gifts including knuckle dusters and balaclavas.

This was one of the most insulting things i've ever seen. Will we, for example be seeing an Islamic family exchanging suicide belts or a west Indian family all smoking pot? This racist attitude towards Northern Irish people has to stop, has Tate ever visited our vibrant, cities or toured some of the worlds most beautiful scenery or met the wonderful people of this country.

Tate, we aren't "bothered"!

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